Photographer, wife, mama, human.


Heyy! Little lady from Boston, Massachusetts here. My name is Alyssa Hitchcock and no- my husband is not related to Alfred Hitchcock but that would be cool. I'm a Puerto Rican woman standing 5'2 so don't be surprised when I'm trying to stand on shit to get the photo. I'm a wife, mom of babes with and without fur.

My children are the reason for my existence. I had my first born as a teenager and even with the hard parts, she is the reason I am who I am today. The love I have for my family is fierce as hell. We aren't perfect and that's what makes us special. Really I'm just an average 20 something year old who orders out too much, swears too much and sings loudly in the car.


Every single person, relationship and story in unique. It's messy and it's real.  That's exactly what I want you to embrace while working with me. When I'm describing myself as 'too much', that's just what I mean when I say let's embrace the real. I want your too much, your comfort, your intimacy.. 

I want you to be able to be unapologetically yourself. At the end of our lives photographs are all we have. Don't worry so much about your hair, make up, outfit - all of that shit is surface and really not important. What's real and what's authentic is what you're going to want to see and appreciate the most. Be real with me so I can give you real.